Guide to Playing BandarQ Online - BandarQ Game is a game that uses 28 domino cards, which are commonly used for gaple games in general, which are generally played by Indonesian people in general. But for the BandarQ game itself, it is usually played by 2-8 people on each table, which has a dealer that will take turns for all the players at the table. However, players who do not have enough chips to be a dealer will be missed the opportunity to play a dealer.

Domino cards that can be used in the game Domino QQ and AduQ which are also used in the BandarQ Online game have a circle on each card that signifies a number, and each card has 2 different parts with different spheres as well.

If you want to become a dealer, the capital you have to prepare is above 250,000, which must be in the game, if not enough, the chance to become a dealer will be passed on to the next player. And also if you become a dealer, you will be confronted with all the player cards on the table.

And if you play as a player, then you will only be dealing with a Bandar card. Determination of the winner will be seen from the highest number of cards, and the highest number of cards in the BandarQ game is 9 (Kiu).

If the number of 2 cards exceeds the value of 9 then it will be reduced by the value of 10, and if the number of 2 cards exceeds 19 then it will be reduced by the value of 20.
(example: the first card gets 3-4 and the second card 6-1, then 7 + 7 = 14, then it will be reduced by the value of 10 to 14-10 = 4. Then the player’s card is 4).

In the BandarQ game there is no combination of cards, or a combination of cards like the Bandar Ceme game. In the BandarQ game, the number of 2 rounds of 2 cards becomes the reference in determining the winner. Who gets the highest number of cards from the dealer and player, that is the winner.

If the number of rounds of the City and Player cards is the same, then the winner will be the City, and the player must pay the City.

And if a player gets a 9 (Kiu) card, the dealer pays 2x more than the total bet that the player bet. So if the player places a bet value of 4000, and gets 9 then it will be paid 2x folded to 8000. But this is true if the number 9 gets an odd number like 1, 3, and 5. If the player who gets a value of 9 totals even or 2, 4 , and 6, the dealer only has to pay a certain number of players’ bets, and does not need to pay double.

But if the dealer gets a 9 card (Kiu), then all the players on the table are automatically defeated and must pay the dealer.